Written, Directed, Videoed by Shani Mootoo and Deborah Root

5 mins. 2010



30 mins. 1996

Guerita and Prietita

Written, directed and edited by Shani Mootoo and Kathy High

19 mins, 1995

Her Sweetness Lingers

Written and Directed by Shani Mootoo

Vidography by Paul Lang

Principal actors: Michelle La Flamme, Manisha Singh

12 mins, 1994

Wild Woman in the Woods

Written, directed by Shani Mootoo

Videography Jody Polowick

Principal actors: Shauna Beharry and Shani Mootoo

14 mins, 1993

A Paddle and a Compass

Written and directed by Shani Mootoo and Wendy Oberlander,

9 mins. 10 secs., 1992

English Lesson

Written, directed, videoed by Shani Mootoo

Performed by Bernard Fernandes, 1992

Lest I Burn

Written, directed, videoed by Shani Mootoo

5 mins. 18 secs., 1991

Selected Screenings

Museum of Modern Art NYC, 1995-6

MIX, NYC. 1993-95

The Flaherty Film Seminar,New Work, 1994

Glenbow Museum, Calgary Alberta, 1994

San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, 1993

Desh Pradesh, Toronto, 1993

Annual Asian American Videoscape, NYC, 1993

Video Rampage, Vancouver 1992

The National Film Board Third Internationa

l Women's Film and Video Festival, Vancouver, 1992

The Plug In Gallery, Winnipeg, 1992

Still from Her Sweetness Lingers, Video, 1994

Still from Wild Woman in the Woods, Video 1993

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